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Cancun 60 intoxicated to eat chilaquiles with chicken


At least 60 people were intoxicated this Wednesday when eating broken foods during a religious meeting held in Cancun, local authorities reported.

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According to an information bulletin issued by the authorities, emergency number 911 received the aid call that had intoxicated among the attendees of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Saints of the Last Days.

The ambulances of private services and of the Mexican Red Cross they mobilized on site to attend to the patients and after the initial evaluation 38 of them were transferred to the General Hospital of Cancún.

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The affected authorities told the authorities that they had eaten chicken with chilaquiles in the afternoon and that several hours later they had symptoms such as stomach and vomiting.

The attendees thought that it would be a discomfort to passengers and that was why it took about three hours to report to emergency services, the authorities said.

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The church where massive intoxication occurred belongs to the religious group of the Mormons and most of those affected have been young people who attended a course of evangelization.

Those who presented the most acute pictures of intoxication were transferred to the general hospital, they had to be removed from the site in bunks and supported by paramedics and staff of the Municipal Directorate of Civil protection.

According to data collected, staff of the # 39; Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios (COFEPRIS) He appeared at the site to begin the investigations into massive intoxication.

Emergency services were overcome by the relocation of so many patients, since there is no record of such mobilization in the city.

Many of the patients relocated to the general hospital had to be treated in the corridors and the waiting room.

The Secretary of State for Health called for food hygiene management especially at this moment that high temperatures are recorded, above 35 degrees Celsius.

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