Wednesday , March 3 2021

Covid vaccination strategist resigns

Three weeks after starting the vaccination process against Covid-19, He resigned yesterday Miriam Esther Veras Godoy in his position as director of the National Center for Child and Adolescent Health (Censia), from which he heads the Universal Vaccination Program.

Health did not specify the reasons why the doctor submitted her resignation and only said it was for personal reasons; it soon transpired that his resignation was because he did not agree with the way the vaccination is being conducted.

You will see Godoy was one of the representatives of the Secretariat of Health (Ssa) that closely monitored the application of the doses of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer-BioNTech.

In fact, she was the one who inaugurated the second day of vaccination on December 27 at the 81st Infantry Battalion in the capital.

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The former official also participated in the reception and transfer of the first vaccines against Covid that reached states such as Coahuila.

As of yesterday, 465,000 224 people in Mexico had already received their first vaccine and another 3,484 received the two doses needed to achieve efficient immunization.

Although Veras Godoy was a key figure in vaccination in Mexico, Ricardo Alcalá, Head of the Directorate General of Health Promotion, ruled out that the departure of the doctor should affect the strategy that had already been outlined against the virus.

“It does not leave a hole, simply Dr. Veras Godoy makes this decision and we will continue to walk with an operative that has great challenges, which we are facing and we will meet all the goals we have set,” the federal official said.

In this regard, he argued that the care of the coronavirus does not have the same mechanisms as the Universal Vaccination Program, in which Censia is the main one in charge, but in the plan against Covid-19 there are many institutions of collaborating country.

They confirm more positive cases

The coronavirus pandemic continues to grow in Mexico, as 11,170 new infections were confirmed yesterday, bringing the total to one million 641,000 428 cases in the country.

Similarly, 463 new deaths were reported, bringing the total to 140,704 deaths confirmed by the respiratory disease.

As for the availability of general beds, there are seven states in the Republic that already have a saturation greater than 70%: Mexico City, Guanajuato, State of Mexico, Noble, Nuevo Leo’n, Puebla and Nayarit, Have indicated authorities.

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While the states with fewer fan beds are: Mexico City, State of Mexico and Nuevo León.

After announcing these figures, Dr. Ricardo Alcalá, of the Directorate General of Health Promotion, made a new call to the population to abide by all health measures, such as constant hand washing and stay at home .

At the same time, he reported that it has been estimated that there are 108,000 550 cases of active coronavirus in Mexico.

In another issue, the Health sector official recalled that Mexico agreed to reduce the number of vaccines it will receive from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer-BioNTech, so that countries with less economic development can also be immunized.

Similarly, he explained that the minimum number of vaccines could begin to be noticed in the fifth batch of doses that our country receives.

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