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Dembele: They sued him for leaving garbage and falling in his home in Dortmund (PHOTOS)

They are looking for more than 20 thousand euros to the Frenchman because of the poor condition in which he left the house he rented.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Berlin, Germany (EFE) –

The ekcasero Ousmane Dembele sued in court Barcelona would be 20 thousand 725.76 euros more interest before the supposedly bad country where the football player left the house that was rented Dortmund when he continued to play in the Bundesliga team, Bild announced on Thursday.

In the letter of appeal presented before the first instance court Dortmund and to which the newspaper had access, exasero confirms that the 21-year-old player caused "considerable damage" in a separate house and spoke of "unhappy conditions in rented property".

"There was a garbage and garbage in the fridge, there were food twists, between the cabinets, a lot of old plastic bags, on the floor, dry spots." Behind the front door was a bunch of unpaid bills. the only one is deceived, "said Bild, Gerd Veissenberg, from 71 years.

The lease agreement was not terminated within the set deadline, nor did the delivery of the house officially take place, adding the newspapers, showing several photographs of the state in which the player allegedly left the house when he left Dortmund to sign Barcelona in summer 2017

The player also did not give the keys home, so the landlord was forced Change all locks and ask a footballer 3 monthly annuities. In addition, he claims unpaid heating costs. Together, these unpaid invoices amount to just over 15 thousand euros.

An additional problem, added the publication, is that the court does not have a Dembele address in Barcelona to which the request can be sent to the player.

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