Wednesday , May 12 2021

Diabetes cases – PRESS MONCLOVA – were discovered every hour

In the medical units of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), an average of 15 new cases of users with diabetes were detected every hour, ie 348 a day; At present, 4.2 million patients receive treatment through educational intervention to change their lifestyle: healthy outpatient and physical activity, and, if necessary, taking medication and detecting complications of the disease.

Dr. Miralda Aguilar Patraca, co-ordinator of the IMSS family medicine family medical program, suggested that diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease that is triggered when pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin-hormones that regulate blood glucose levels – or when the body does not can effectively use it. This is the second cause of death just below cardiovascular disease and the first cause of disability pension.

Therefore, within the framework of the World Diabetes Day, which will be held on November 14, they reported that the current administration of the Institute is working to change curative care for preventive, and one of the main strategies for achieving this is the model Preventive Chronic Disease, whose axis consists of identifying the risk of diabetes due to online CHKT calculators; focused activities for each sector of the population according to their risk; proactive monitoring of the right holder through technological tools such as e-mail, text messages, phone calls and networking with companies to perform preventive actions on workers.

Of the more than 332,000 people who calculated their risk of suffering from chronic illness such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer or prostate cancer via online CHKT, applications for digital phones and tablets, 76 thousand 273 high risk users from diabetes.

For this reason, they are channeled into their family medicine unit through appointment to the Nurse Module in a digital way and, accordingly, channeled with family doctors to confirm or reject the diagnosis and start preventive and preventive actions. treatment.

Dr. Aguilar Patraca indicated that since May 2017, IMSS started a preventive model in Nuevo Leon, which has so far identified a risk in 9,241 workers. Of this, 1,138 is at high risk of suffering from illness, so they are referred to family medicine units to confirm or exclude illness, as well as to carry out health promotion activities.

With this strategy it has also been found that 15,000 patients of the same entity have pre-diabetes, that is, their glucose levels are higher than normal, but not so much as to declare that they already have diabetes. They receive health education in those who require it, treatment with medicines to prevent them from developing the disease. With the control of pre-diabetes, it is estimated that the incidence of diabetes can be reduced by up to 40 percent.

As for patients who already have diabetes, a specialist said that of the 208,000 Nuevo Leone users with diabetes who have no complications, with a preventive model, metabolic control has been achieved in seven out of ten patients who come with their family doctor.

During 2017, 14.5 million consultations were approved for the treatment of diabetes carriers in family clinics and nearly 600,000 care in special hospitals for the treatment of complications and various consequences of the disease, such as blindness, renal failure, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident. and amputation of the lower limbs, among others.

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