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Did Stefanie Sherk already plan his suicide?


this #MartesDeTVNotes We explain the reasons why Stefanie Sherk, Wife of Demián BichirHe took his life. However, a friend of the actor gave us more details and let him glimpse that she could have planned her suicide itself:

The wife of Demián Bichir suffered depression, but a friend told us more details of her last days.

– How did everything happen?

"On the afternoon of April 12, Demián went out shopping at the supermarket and when he returned he searched for the entire house, until he found it at the bottom of the pool. She had committed suicide by attaching some weighted bags to her body, to avoid getting out of the surface".

-Stefanie had already planned his suicide?

"It took several weeks claiming that Demián would leave her alone, even this afternoon she was the one who asked her to go shopping".

-What terrible scene! …

"It was a terrible shock for Demián, who, along with another member of his family, was taken out of the laundry room and immediately called paramedics, who managed to resuscitate and take him to the hospital, where eight died days later, due to anoxic encephalopathy (lack of oxygen in the brain), asphyxia and drowning".

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