Facebook Messenger will finally leave you delete the messages sent on the chat platform in case you want. The action long sought by users – since it is already on other platforms controlled by a company, such as VhatsApp – which will soon arrive, according to the social network itself.

This is done through the latest updated app, where you can read the following message in the notes reserved for determining the news about it:

Delete the chat message after sending. If you accidentally send the wrong photo, incorrect information or a message to the wrong chat, you can easily correct it by deleting the message within ten minutes of sending.

Thanks to the controversy

To be able to delete messages to Messenger at some point was something we knew from last April, when the company decided to publish this measure after it knew it Zuckerberg and company managers deleted their messages send in the last few years. It was another granite that he added to the Cambridge Analytics scandal.

More than half a year later, it seems that this feature is ready to be implemented and offers this capability to millions of users that the platform has on a daily basis. It will continue, yes, behind VhatsApp regarding the time allowed to delete messages, because the expected ten minutes seems unlucky compared to the sixty-first. It's better than nothing.

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