Monday , May 16 2022

Feminine Lion closes 2018 Apertura with four consecutive victories


Four triumph in a row, a total of 22 points and fifth in Group 2, so the club ended Lyon Feminine the Opening 2018, the best season since its creation League Femenil MKS.

In the field of the stadium Hose Maria Morelos, who first visited the emerald team, Lyon achieved his sixth win in the tournament, this at a loss Morelia and a score of 3-1.

Double of Sanjuana Munoz, which closed it Opening with six comments (the best emerald in this sector) and one more Perla Navarrete, the green campaign ended with victory and 22 units. The goal is Morelia This is Dali Molina's work.

The cards were moving very fast in the match, because only after 12 minutes, after several cats, Sanjuana Munoz put an end to those guided by Everaldo Begines after a good goal from the distance.

In the final part of the match, Perla Navarrete scored his third goal of the season and put on a 2-0 semifin for green people who felt comfortable on the field. Navarrete He's got a crack at the goal, but it's intercepted by Diana Garcia who needs to be experienced in the area.

Sanjuana Munoz scored his sixth goal of the tournament

Dalia Molina, 60, shortens the distance with the goal of Michoacan, but Sanjuana Munoz, with which miracles were heard Navarrete, place 3-1 on the board at the 86th time by determining the victory of the verb.

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