Thursday , July 7 2022

Gallos and Tuzos go through "Fiesta Grande"


Two fronts and the same target

Veracruz and Cueretaro will open the 16th season of the 2018 Apertura MLS League, while Tuzos del Pachuca will look at the mirror of the Gallos Blancos mirror before confronting Atlas at the Jalisco Stadium.

Hidalgo owns – for the time being – the eighth place for a group of 22 units, just like Gallos, who are, however, tensed by the headline difference. Morelia, who plays at Xosoos' home tomorrow, has the same points and marshals in ninth place.

It's a vital game for Gallos Blancos, who must win if they want to keep the flame alive.

Rafael Puente, coach of Los Gallos Blancos, said the goal for the end of the regular season to reach 28 points; However, Morelia, Pachuca, Tigres and even Puebla tend to enter the group of the top eight general tables. For this reason, the team of Cueretaro must win and achieve the highest number of goals in the two remaining matches of the tournament, in order to fulfill the dream of qualification.

Gallos was recovered by central defender Diego Novaretti, next to Alekis Perez won the coach's confidence to stay with the left wing, although Miguel Samudio recovered a week's injury.

Perutans reach to the present day at the tenth place of the general classification, with 22 units; while Red Sharks live a very different reality, because they are the last with nine points.

In the meantime, Sharks are currently the last in a percentage and need a victory not to lag behind.

They depend on them

Los Tuzos de Pachuca will visit Atlas for the purpose of adding three points and maintaining a good pace in the qualification zone.

Pachuca will impose conditions on the previous classification, convinced of maintaining offensive results and improving defense, an aspect dissatisfied with coaching Paco Aiestaran last Saturday.

After going to the Necca, Hidalgo settled in the area of ​​the top eight and has everything to take part in the league, as long as they maintain a balance on all lines.

The Reds and Negroes have made some progress in these dates, but they remain persistent. – UNIVERSAL

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