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Google Maps is a very useful tool when you do not know how to get to a specific place, as this Google application not only gives you directions through its platform, it is also able to guide you by voice so that you go to the right, left, forward or back Did you know that it is possible to change the map design and add certain details? In this note we will tell you a simple trick to achieve this.

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If the map of Google Maps not to your liking, you have the ability to change its design without the need to install additional applications that take up storage space on your Android or iOS mobile from Apple (iPhone). You have up to two different options to choose from.

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  • First, make sure there is no pending update in the Play Store or App Store.
  • Now, open up Google Maps and press the rhombus icon (♦) with a down arrow at the top right.
Icon to change the map layout in Google Maps (Photo: Mag)
Icon to change the map layout in Google Maps (Photo: Mag)
  • A mini window will open and in the ‘Map Type’ section you can choose ‘Default’, ‘Satellite’ and ‘Relief’.
  • The first is for all users when they first open the app.
  • The second shows you a real view of the cities.
  • The third is similar to the first but has only rectangles or squares (houses are not seen).

You can also add certain details to the map such as: public transportation lines; real-time traffic, to take alternative routes if there is vehicular congestion; and bike paths, the latter is very useful for anyone who travels home, work or anywhere by bike.


  • Enter the same rhombus icon (♦) with a down arrow.
  • The same mini window will open and in the ‘Map details’ section you can add the lines of ‘Public transport’, ‘Traffic’ in real time and ‘By bike’ to see all the bike lanes.

Recently Google Maps added a new tool that will alert you if a bus or stop is crowded with people, this in order to prevent contagion and spread of COVID-19, is also useful for you to decide on an alternative route. Learn all the details of this tool in the following note.

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