Friday , June 18 2021

Is Andrea Legarreta leaving Avui? Tania Racó takes her place

This morning Monday, April 5th fans of Today program they were terribly surprised to find that one of the show’s favorite drivers is not present, it’s Andrea Legarreta, But his place was already occupied no more and no less than by Tania Racó who was for a long time driver of Come the Joy.

As the journalist had told us Alex Kaffie in his column this Monday, Andrea Legarreta will be out all this week of the most watched morning program on Mexican television and his absence will be covered by the presence of Tania Racó.

It should be noted that his absence is not permanent as he does not leave in the morning as Serious is on vacation in the beautiful city of Miami, This is how he has shared it on his social networks where he shares photographs of his day to day life.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post Tania Racó will enter in the morning, what is a fact is that we can enjoy it all this week of the 05 to April 10, It should be noted that the beautiful driver is not an improviser as for many years she was at the forefront of driving the competition of the morning Today.

Changes in Today

In addition to the absence of Andrea Legarreta this week, the journalist Alex Kaffie announced that changes are coming in the morning program then Raúl Araiza will be absent on Thursday and Friday due to his commitments to the recordings of the soap opera ?? The wicked ??.

too Coffee announce the next arrival of Michelle Rubalcava who will be on probation and without pay for a month.


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