Wednesday , September 28 2022

Karla Sofa puts her eyes on Sammy


Agencia Mekico. – Transsexual actress Karla Sofa, formerly Carlos Gascon, revealed her intentions to conquer comedy Sami after admitting that her wife did not want to continue her relationship after her transformation.

During the promotion of the work "Among them, who is the bitch ?, Samia cont:" (flowers) brought me a very nice dear friend whom I just met recently, and was very nice, very detailed, I knew her and she brought me this a gift.

On the other hand, Karla Sofa agrees: "It is that we agreed on a nice program and wanted to kiss me, to which Samya replied:" So it's not, we made the dynamics in which we began to sing, you remember Suddenly Karla interrupted and added, "I wanted to kiss her and then she fell down, then she cheated her because she did not give me, then deep love appeared, and later we saw and now I carried these flowers and there were no other people wonders from her drills.

Later, Samia stated that, contrary to what she might think, she did not exclude the maintenance of relations with Karl, because never has any closing possibilities of love. "I am @ Sami Universal, I have never said anything, then the only thing I say is to throw it, I do credit, and see … If there is chemistry, it's rare that I still do not understand, but father.

This is how Sammy said that she does not close the door to anyone, while Karla Sofa assures she will not give up until she gets it. "I've already brought flowers, the next step must be a bouquet for me, an expression.

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