Thursday , October 28 2021

Martín Palermo made his debut with Pachuca, winning Pumas, which is still in freefall


Mexico City /

the Tuzos del Pachuca they recovered the memory and remember how to win after winning 1-0 at Pumas with goal by the Argentine Frank Jara just in the debut of the coach Martín Palermo. The Titan, who felt very active in his banking, giving voices and encouraging his players, premiered with the win in a game that ended up suffering.

With more idea than the felines, the Tuzos were not only superiors in the marker but in the process of the party with several arrivals of danger, especially of Jara that was one of the key players in the victory.

For example, at minute 19 he passed a Ismael Sosa with the chest so that the former player of Pumas entered the area and with a touch above the referee Alfredo Saldívar tried the goal, but unfortunately for the hidalguenses the spherical one was turned aside .

Then, the own one Jara He tried a shot that stopped Saldívar at 29 and finally reached the goal of the win in the 65th minute when Ismael Sosa overflowed on the right side and sent a precise center that the forward was headed for 1 -0.

Pumas had their options although they were less clear than those of the rival as an overtaking of the artilleryman Felipe Mora who appeared alone in the area in a corner shot but could not give him a goal goal.

Even 56 minutes passed when Mosso led a counterattack with the advantage of three players in front of a defense but made a mistake in the last pass and preferred to give the midfielder Martín RodríguezWho could not go against the scoreboard and the play was lost.

Pumas' inability was reflected in plays such as the admonition of the side Alan Mendoza who pulled the beach from Raúl López, who had made a self-test and went to the area on the right side.

Even so, the felines insisted more on the harp than on football and they had two balls left at the time of compensation but in both cases the payment failed Víctor MalcorraFlying offense

This way Pumas lost again and only added two points of 12 disputed while the Tuzos with Palermo on the bench reached six points and return to the fight for the classification.

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