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Marvel Studios could lose Spiderman's rights if its new movie does not exceed US $ 1000 Millions – tomatoes


There is no doubt that Spiderman: Far from Home – 82% is a definitive win for Sony and Marvel Studios, companies in charge of production. The second solo adventure of the Spider Man for the MCU managed to draw attention to the fanatics in a spectacular way, especially with the end of Avengers: Endgame – 95% where we had to face the loss of several superheroes. Despite the good profits for Far from homeThings could be blackened by the company led by Kevin Feige. If the movie does not exceed one billion dollars, it is possible that Sony opts for not assigning the rights for a third party.

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The business world is brutal and the Hollywood movie industry is not the exception. Spiderman: Far from Home He has managed to raise a total of $ 577 million in just a few days on the billboard, getting over many of the biggest releases released by Marvel Studios. However, it must be remembered that the owner of the cinematographic rights of the Home Spider is not Marvel Studios but Sony, a company that has been producing superhero films for many years.

Spiderman first appeared in the MCU during Captain America: Civil War – 90%, a movie that presented us to Tom Holland as a teenage Peter Parker. The universe of Marvel Studios did not hesitate to present the story of the character's origin, but he launched it to the action as a superhero with a little experience. For the 2017 release Spiderman: From Return to Home – 92%, the first exclusive tape of Peter and 2019 arrived Spiderman: Far from Home.

The latest movie has stood out over many others of Marvel, but the public's affection will be enough to make these $ 1 billion worth of Sony so much as possible? Richard Rushfield, Editor in chief of the news magazine The Ankler, He has published in the latest issue of the publication some words that surely shakes Marvel Studios.

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The original Sony deal, Marvel and Spidey to co-produce these films stipulated that if this second movie exceeds one billion, Marvel could be able to plan a third. If it does not, the total control will return to Sony.

With the figures you have joined Spiderman: Far from Home all around the world things seem to be in order, but it is still not a certainty that is able to overcome the number required by Sony. Fortunately, there are still many days left in front of us and we can gladly wait at our seats to see how companies are blurring each other or keep the multimillion-dollar deal with false smiles and a lot of greed in the middle.

Spiderman: Far from Home It has turned out to be a worthy delivery for critics and fans, although it's necessary to be honest: MCU movies do not stand out to keep watchable dramas inside. The goal of Kevin Feige And company is making waves of money with stories that involve a lot of action and special effects that impact viewers … and they are pretty good at this, frankly, the best. Perhaps his films do not deserve prizes to honor the seventh art, but they have won an honorable place in pop culture.

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Tom Holland Loads with a heavy weight on your shoulders like the Spider-Man at the time. Soon we will discover if he is able to retain his place by decision of Sony and Marvel Studios.

Hopefully, these thousand million came true because, far above Spiderman, the desire of the fans to see J.K. Simmons like J. Jonah Jameson in the third part. recently, Kevin Feige comment for ScreenRant interesting details about the character.

Maybe he is the same actor with a similar voice flection, but he is a totally different person. This has never been done before. We really liked the idea that it was a new Jameson, not another dimension, multivers or something like that. It is a new Jameson in this world played by the same actor.

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