Saturday , August 13 2022

Messi is an excellent player, but Pele was from the other world: Rivelino


Roberto Rivelino, the legendary champion of midfielder Mexico 70 with Brazil, clearly showed that there is no better player than Pele in history

This is at a news conference before the inauguration of 12 characters in the Football Hall of Fame, located in the David Ben Gurion Park in Pachuca.

Rivelino was asked for a comparison between the footballs displayed by Messi and Pele, so he made it clear that the OI does not have a better player in history.

"For my Pele, he's from another planet, from the other world, I can not compare it with anyone, I played football, I did not see anyone playing, so he can not compare it." Messi is a great player, so much of one of the best at to the world, "he said.

For a long time, Pele and Rivelino played in the Brazilian national team, they were champions at the World Cup in our country in 1970.


This afternoon a press conference was held with six of the twelve soccer figures that will be invested tonight in the eighth generation of awards.

Cafu, Roberto Rivelino, Hector Miguel Zelada, Roberto Baggio, Carlos Salvador Bilardo, Silvia Neid and Maria Eugenia "la Pekue" Rubio.

Juan Alberto Schiaffino as the international dean and Arlindo dos Santos and Aaron Padilla as national deans, as well as coaches Miguel Mejia Baron and Fernando Bustos, former Cruz Azul player.

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