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Mexico, one of the most developed markets for marketing influenza


Mexican city (expansion). According to research Country of influenza marketing 2018 , done by a Linkia agency focused on marketing marketing consulting, shows that 86% of marketing used marketing services for 2017 for their advertising campaigns. The research was applied to 181 marketing specialists from global companies and advertising agencies.

What agrees with Marta Nicolas, SamiRoad's CMO, which focuses on the implementation of technology for advertising agencies – says that only this change in the budgets of market areas has to do with the market's mystery.

"We have a relationship with Europe, from where we come from the company – Mexico as a mature market in which different persons are located influencer marketing and where, in addition to looking at the number of influential followers, they began to assess the type of audience and marketplace where it is present, "he said in an interview for the Extension.

This aspect enhances the diversity of faces generated in the country.

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"In Mexico, it is easier to access stamps and enable them to know what they want. Some are still traditional, looking for a couple celebrities for the campaign, but many others think that recruiting incentives with a smaller number of followers could generate more profits, "says Nicholas.

Platforms like IouTube, Instagram, Facebook and recently Twitter have announced alliances with the power to generate content within their platforms and these impacts also reach brands.

According to the Linkuia study, the opinion of the 181 marketing consultants considered it to invest in this vertical in 2018. The report says that 30% of experts say that they will invest between $ 25,000 to $ 50,000 in this type of strategy, but that number is rising

For example, the price of YouTube's Influencer marketing in 2015 was 29%, and for 2016 it rose to 38%, and according to the eMarketer consultant, the 2020 forecast of this segment will reach 10,000 million values.

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In order to take advantage of this trend and know how to invest, Nicolas warns that companies must help themselves in technology to define the audience and thus begin to conduct an advertising campaign.

"You have to understand that more than the influencer you need to see who is behind this figure, see if you can use it as a picture of a brand in a global environment or just at the local level and begin to devise a strategy as before on television, as it is finally the platforms in which these characters move are global, and in some places they can have a greater presence in a certain segment and can not achieve the same impact in their own country, "says Nicholas.

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