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Mexico vs Japan LIVE today in Tokyo 2020 (0-2) | 2021.07.25

6:12 3 minutes ago

52 ‘

Lainez gets stuck in the Japanese area but fails to peep and sells the ball to the center attempt

6:10 a.m. 6 minutes ago

50 ‘

Ochoa is left with Kubo’s shot

6:07 9 minutes ago

47 ‘

Sakai and Tanaka are cautioned

6:04 11 minutes ago

45 ‘

Start the second half on the Saitama track

5:48 27 minutes ago

45 ‘+ 2’

End of the first part. Japan wins 2-0

5:46 30 minutes ago

45 ‘

Two minutes of compensation

5:44 32 minutes ago

41 ‘

Forced change for Mexico. Erick Aguirre is injured and is replaced by Vladimir Loroña

5:42 34 minutes ago


Half return from Córdoba. The Mexican team with more presence in the offensive

5:36 39 minutes ago


The Mexican team advances lines but does not connect in the last third of the track

5:30 an hour ago


Jorge Sánchez sees a yellow card. Two warnings for Mexico with the preventive card for Carlos Rodríguez

5:22 an hour ago

20 ‘

Kubo again creates danger and takes the shot that passes just deflected from the post

5:17 an hour ago

16 ‘

Half lap by Henry Martín that connects but without much force

5:14 an hour ago

11 ‘

Gol. Ritsu Doan scores the second for the Japanese on the penalty spot

5:12 an hour ago

10 ‘

César Montes commits a criminal offense

5:08 an hour ago

6 ‘

GOAL. Japan scores the first at the feet of Takefusa Kubo after winning the back of the Mexican defense

5:03 an hour ago


Corner kick for the team of Japan

5:03 an hour ago

1 ‘

In the second 19 Alexis Vega generates the first danger and gets a center that no one manages to finish

5:02 an hour ago

Initial whistle!

The actions start on the grass of Saitama, Japan

4:58 an hour ago

Everything is ready!

We will soon start the minute by minute of the match

4:57 an hour ago

The hymns are sung

4:48 an hour ago

Stay with us!

We are a few minutes from the initial syllable of this tight duel, be with Vavel not to miss any detail

4:43 2 hours ago

XI Initial of Mexico

Guillermo Ochoa, César Montes, Jorge Sánchez, Johan Vásquez, Luis Romo, Erick Aguirre, Sebastià Córdova, Diego Lainez, Carlos Roríguez, Henry Martín and Alexis Vega

4:38 2 hours ago

XI Initial of Japan

Kosei Tani, Hiroki Sakai, Maya Yoshida, Kou Itakura, Yuta Nakayama, Ao Tanaka, Wataru Endo, Ritsu dOAN, Takefusa Kubo, Yuki Soma, Dachi Hayashi

4:33 2 hours ago

the data

In 2012, the Mexican National Team also faced Japan and thus advanced to the final of the competition. Defeating the Japanese 3-1 in London, when the Tri hung the gold medal

4:28 2 hours ago

Historical statistics

The teams add two previous clashes, with a victory for each side, with an equal number of goals scored by each team on each side: 3.

4:23 2 hours ago

The statements of Mexican strategist

“I am very grateful for this great opportunity to be the head of this team. We have to go step by step, we come with the intention of playing six games and we barely have the first one, which fills you with excitement for the rival. and a desire to keep moving forward, ”‘ Jimmy ’Lozano mentioned in an interview.

4:18 2 hours ago

History in feminine

4:13 2 hours ago


The squad of the rising sun also adds a victory in this contest and although it was not for such a voluminous marker, we know that against Mexico will come out with the knife between the teeth to also aspire to the next round and assert their locality

4:08 2 hours ago

Mexico: To tie the pass

The Olympic Tri would be very close to qualifying for the next stage in case of victory tonight, however, it has a difficult test ahead: the Japanese.

4:03 2 hours ago

No takeoffs from here to follow Mexico vs Japan live

3:58 hours 2 hours ago

Where and how to watch Mexico vs Japan online and live

3:53 2 hours ago

Player to follow from Japan

3:48 2 hours ago

Player to follow Mexico

3:43 3 hours ago

Saitama Stadium

Saitama Stadium 2002 (Japanese: 埼 玉 ス タ ジ ア ム 2002 Saitama Sutajiamu Ni-maru-maru-ni) is a football stadium located in Midori-ku, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. It is also known as Saitama Stadium or simply as Saisuta. The stadium was inaugurated in 2001 and has a capacity for 63 to 700 spectators. It is home to the Urawa Red Diamonds club of the J1 League.

3:38 3 hours ago

Summoned by Japan

Osako Keisuke, Hiroki Sakai, Yuta Nakayama, Kou Itakura, Maya Yoshida, Wataru Endo, Takefusa Kubo, Koji Miyoshi, Daizen Maeda, Ritsu Doan, Kaoru Mituma, Kosei Tani, Reo Hatate, Takehiro Tomiyasu, Daiki Hashioka, Yuki Seda , Daichi Hayashi, Koki Machida, Ayumu Seko, Zion Suzuki

3:33 3 hours ago

Convened by Mexico

Luis Malagón, Jorge Sánchez, César Montes, Jesús Angulo, Johan Vasquez, Vladimir Lorona, Luis Romo, Carlos Rodríguez, Henry Martin, Diego Lainez, Alexis Vega, Adrian Mora, Guillermo Ochoa, Erick Aguirre, Uriel Antuña, Joaquin Esquivel, Sebastià Cordova , Eduardo Aguirre, Ricardo Angulo, Fernando Beltrán, Roberto Alvarado, Sebasián Jurat

3:28 3 hours ago


Although a thrashing of the host was expected in the debut, the score was much more discreet. The Japanese beat the African team by a narrow margin

3:23 3 hours ago

group A

Mexico shares Group A with host, Japan; France and South Africa

3:18 3 hours ago

True to his style

3:13 3 hours ago

Great Tricolor debut

3:08 3 hours ago

Good morning Vavel readers!

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