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Mobile screens are "enlarged" and "everyone" wants it


At the end of 2017, the presentation of the iPhone Ks Not only was it controversial at a price: $ 999, the most expensive smartphone on the market by then; but also for a "Expansion" on the screen that was a few laughs: a cut. One year later, those who foresaw the failure were wrong. But when the last laughs, the best laughs.

Now it's a frog star, Apple device (the new iPhone Kss, Kss Mak and Ksr include) and those that work with Android. But what is the innovation of this type of upper flange? On the one hand, it is an aesthetic justification for Face ID, the most secure face recognition on a smartphone, according to Team Cooka. On the other hand, it's an elegant way to locate sensors, front cameras and speakers.

So, the hammer allows a "impressive" experience: Increase the surface of the phone screen and remove the top edge. But this type of "U" does not meet everything equally, since there is no shortage of those who claim that it is rude and boring. Imagine what to say Christopher Nolan – to mention one of the most prominent filmmakers of today – to find out that some people see their films with a cutout …

Huawei, one of the fastest growing brands, saw the potential of the notch and did not want to be omitted. Not Samsung, one of the most chaotic technologies of chameleons. And other companies add it to mid-range segments, in an attempt to massively train it. Was fifteen then open soon?

Samsung opposed the installation known "eyebrows" to their phones. Even a few months ago, he had fun with Apple with a funny thingt. For those things of fate, a South Korean giant succumbed to fashion and admitted that he was not ready to go into oblivion, as happened with BlackBerry or Nokia. This week, in addition to presenting its seductive switching smartphone, Samsung he announced four new types of screens "Infiniti". And three of them have a slit: one in the form of "U" in the center (identical to Essential Phone), another in the form of "V" (without rounded edges) and the other inside "O" shape (surrounds the front camera).

However, other rivals dare to experiment even more. Filtration of a new one Asus Zenfone 6 He discovered a weird side notch located around the front lens. The screen occupies the entire front of the mobile phone with hidden sensors. A hole is also present in the patent introduced LG, although they are located in the central part.

How much phone call does it call

Beiond the iPhone, the number of mobile phones with Android which include a slope growing by jumps and boundaries. Although most mobile phones belong to the premium segment, the trend in the coming months promises to expand the reach. Thus, for the iPhone Ks you have to pay $ 62,999, and for Motorola One $ 19,999 (according to official stores). By other channels of purchase, they can also be obtainedl Huavei P20 Lite or Ksiaomi Mi A2 between $ 9,000 and $ 13,000, in the case of choices for more affordable equipment.

Return to Apple, iPhone KSS and KSS Mak come with 64GB, 256GB and 512GB of memory. In the United States, they get $ 999 and $ 1,099, respectively. In the case of iPhone Ksr, the price starts at $ 749.

Folding Samsung

Although the whitening of its flick with a notch, Samsung announced its dedication to concluding a smart format this week. A prototype, of which several specifications are known, consists of Infiniti Displai Flek; which combines 2 types of display: flexible next to the secondary one that shows the device interface when it is switched.

For my part, LG and Huawei They are already working in a format, such as Sony, with the Xperia Flek concept. They all want to carry the digital paper in our pockets.

Team support is called Foldables will be Android, which is confirmed by Google.

The software will let you know when the screen size changes, as if the content is rotated or projected on a larger monitor.

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