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Morena is launching a reform to eliminate phone harassment by banks


November 18, 2018

Ricardo Monreal has announced that it will present an initiative to amend the 3 laws: protective and defending users of the Financial Services User, Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting.


Party Party Leader of the National Regeneration Movement [Morena] in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, announced that the bank presented an initiative to sanction telephone abuse of financial institutions, voting companies and call centers.

Monreal explained that the initiative proposes a reform of the Law on Protection and Defense to users of financial services, federal telecommunications and broadcasting and federal consumer protection, as it stipulates that harassment by phone will not be punished.

According to lawmakers, this type of company is harassing people over 20 million fixed lines and 115 million registered mobile lines. Therefore, Morena strives to eliminate this practice.

"We are all close to the experience of receiving, everyday and from different telephone numbers, invitations with the intention of offering the sale of financial products or changing the providers of telecommunication services." The basic weight of these practices lies in the incorrect use of personal data in private ownership, "he said.

The proposal intends to prohibit companies and suppliers from using telephone, text or mass email systems to promote their services for advertising or marketing purposes.

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