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Necca vs. Monterey – Party Report – November 11, 2018


Monterey secured its place in Liguilla after drawing the goal against the modest Niece, who could not give his fans the last joy, but he showed one of the strongest Mexican footballs.

"Hidrorraios" had their last meeting as local Opening 2018 However, at the reception of La Pandilla, who arrived on the hydro-clad soil as a favorite for three points, however, during the duels they could not establish conditions and did not dominate the field.

Regioomontanos was better in the first 15 minutes, surprised by their verticality and attack on the side, the look that was crucial to reaching the first goal Dorlan Pabon, who controlled the area and ended up in a powerful way to open up electronics.

The entire house was insulting, his courage gave some opportunities in front of the cabin Marcelo Barovero that they could not capitalize.

Rodolfo Pizarro He tried to be the key player in the attack, while in a 41 minute injury he injured his support after he supported his weight on his left hand and it made him to make a lever that lit alarms on the bench.

For the second half of the group, the electricians looked the same aggressively. Alejandro Maiorga shot off the field and tried to roughly cross Barovero, but the Argentinian intervened in a good way to send the ball from the corner.

The Redheads achieved a 71-year flush in the opponent's speed. Brian Fernandez He shot directly on goalkeeper and on another game he focused on Gallegos, who managed to allocate the equalizer to his team.

With a Diego Alonso Frustrated on the bench, the bouts have progressed and generated high pressure during the departure of the opponent.

With the ball in the power of the northern box, Luis Madrigal he had a chance with a quick lever that shot on the left and collapsed in the crossbar.

Monterrey had a bitter passage at a big party and he would think about putting himself in a better position in his last commitment against Atlas, while the Necca will try to close the championship decorously.

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