Tuesday , July 5 2022

Ochoa could not escape the defeat of Standard League in the European League


With the national team, Guillermo Ochoa, who defended the Standard Liegea, the Belgian team took advantage and fell 2-1 in their visit to Krasnodar on the 4th day of the group stage Europa League. After releasing three units, the Mexican goalkeeper was placed on the third position of group J.

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In the first half, there was a lot of emotion, however, Standard Liege managed to reach first to the front, the goal was passing through Mehdi Carcel, who used the center inside the area, finished with his right foot and with a little luck. The ball was heading towards the bottom of the rivals.

For the other half, the local population was more spicy and managed to break into the Standard's defense at the last part of the game. In 79, Magomed-Shapiu Suleimanov practically finished only in a small area, Ochoa could not do anything to avoid the tie.

Three minutes after the hosts managed to get together, Maciel Sanderson beat the Mexican goalkeeper with a cross-shot to win Krasnodar win.

In his next match in the Europa League, Standard Liege will receive Sevilla and if he wants to continue the competition, he will have to keep three points in his stadium, and the match is scheduled for next November 29.


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