Monday , October 18 2021

Photos of Jeff Bezos next to his lover, when he was still with his wife


California, USA.- Jeff Bezos, president of the Amazon companyHe announced earlier this year he divorced his wife MacKenzieAnd it was in a matter of days that he will be revealed to be the richest man in the world He had a relationship with Lauren Sánchez.

Jeff's lover is one television reporter who is married to Patrick Whitesell, One of the most powerful agents of Hollywood.

Although neither Bezos nor Sánchez have confirmed their relationship, recently they have come to light some photographs that are seen at both suppers.

The images were taken on October 30, 2018, in the Italian restaurant Capo in Santa Mònica, California.

It is noteworthy that they were not alone at dinner, as they see more people next to them, but as it is commonly said, "a look says more than a thousand words and the images make you notice the complicity between both.

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