Thursday , October 6 2022

Quitting smoking reduces cardiovascular risks, but is it immediately?


The risk of cardiovascular disease among ex-smokers, it takes more than 15 years to return to the level of people who have never had a cigar, according to research presented at scientific sessions American Heart Association, held in Chicago, USA.

Studies were conducted by the date suggests that the increased risk of cardiovascular disease in smokers it is reduced a few years after leaving, although they were not able to analyze the history of smoking, such as changes in smoking habits, the number of cigarettes consumed daily or whether there was a recurrence.

In this scenario, experts have analyzed the path for 27 years 8,700 people without cardiovascular diseases, including smokers, ex-smokers and others who never smoked. Thus, they found that more than 70% of events in cardiovascular diseases with existing or former smokers were among those who smoked at least one package per day for 20 years.


According to specialists, the symptoms of nasal carcinoma may be unnoticed at the onset of the disease

Tobacco and Toxic Substances, Risk Factors for Cancer NoseTobacco and Toxic Substances, Risk Factors for Cancer Nose

In addition, scientists have found that former smokers who stopped smoking in the last five years reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease by 38% compared to those who continued to smoke.

"These findings underline the benefits of quitting smoking within five years, as it reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke or other forms by 38%. cardiovascular diseases, compared to people who still smoke. However, we also found that the risk of cardiovascular disease was up to 16 years for ex-smokers compared to people who never smoked, "researchers said.


1.- 20 minutes without smoking:
* Blood pressure normalizes.
* Heat recovery in the hands and feet.

2.- 8 hours without smoking:
* Oxygen is normal.
* You have more vitality.

3.- 48 hours without smoking:
* You have eliminated nicotine from the body.
* Recovery of flavor and aroma.

4.- 72 hours without smoking:
* You have more energy.
* Breathe better.
* The withdrawal syndrome disappears.

5.- 3 weeks without smoking:
* Coughing is reduced or disappears.
* Lungs better.
* Improves blood circulation.

6 – 2 months without smoking:
* You're getting tired more.
* Experience the satisfaction of winning tobacco.

7.- 3 months without smoking:
* You have 30% more lung capacity.

8.- 1 year without smoking:
* Reduces the risk of dying from a heart attack by 50%.

9.- 5 years without smoking:
* Your risk of heart attack is the same as if you did not smoke

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