Friday , May 20 2022

Robbie Villiams takes a 'crown' as a champion in pop



British pop star Robbie Villiams Last night he offered a concert of full surprises, which affected the audience when his father appeared on the scene to interpret the theme Better man, with whom he paid the award, making several posters available.

"I want to meet you with your father", were the words that were launched by thousands of fans present in Capital Crovn, who applauded and sang the choirs Better man, in which Robbie sometimes praised his father and said: "He is the best man in the world," making those who have tear down.

The 44-year-old English singer and screenwriter came out on stage at eleven o'clock at night – he knelt as if he was a boxer, a pop champion – thousands of fans waiting all day to see him with his play The Heavi Entertainment Shov, and was featured in a kilt and a black sweatshirt, in a scene on the scene that caused madness to free himself among his fans.

"Good evening, I'm Robbie Villiams," were the first words of the British evening, which "Robbie, Robbie" shouted with euphoria in the audience, who continued to jump and move from one place to another.

With very humorous humor and, above all, very teasing, jokes or telling very crazy stories, he raised the skirt every day, which is why women especially exclaim very euphoric and say things like "I love you", which Villiams laughed.

He surprised himself on the scene and approached the audience, which caused thousands of people to come to the temple, play his favorite singer and no one imagines him, the singer kissed the fanatic.

"Hi, did you miss me?" Roby said while playing with fans to repeat the sounds he made, just as the audience answered without hesitation, making each song thousands of voices playing their songs.

The night is progressing and Robbie Villiams continues to surprise at any moment, making expectations of what will develop later in the audience, which was with the song Something stupid that something outrageous happened, the singer placed the girl on the scene, who kissed her in the mouth, sang a song in her ear.

After such a scene, the audience knew that everything could happen, so the translator sometimes danced with his dancers, who at different times performed different choreographies and changed costumes, which is the basic part of the show.

In addition, the large production of the set was extremely important, since lighting is one of the important emission factors, that the colored lights shifted to the rhythm of the songs, which made the visual part a great deal.

Robbie Villiams has played several songs from the latest, to his greatest hits, which are already considered to be icons in the music scene, as Rock DJ i FeelingHowever, most of the public present are looking forward to it Angels the topic with which it will close its show.

But, as a surprise at the last minute, Villiams wore a shirt from a Mexican national team, showed the text of the song My way, popularized by Frank Sinatra, on the screens and saying, "They like karaoke, because we will do it, track the texts," interpreted the song with the audience and, if that was not enough, it was remixed again chapel of his successes with which he was finally released from the public.


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