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Scientists raise the possibility that Oumuamua is an alien space ship


Maybe it's a ship alien.

Scientists are confused Oumuamua as it was noticed that this mysterious space object is crossing over Sun at the end of 2017

Given the high speed and unusual track, the red colors, the size of the stadium, obviously came out of our solar system, reports NBC.

But his indifferent and elongated form and the way he accelerated the path through the solar system distinguishes it from conventional asteroids and comets.

Now, a few researchers Harvard raise the possibility of that Oumuamua be an alien spaceship.

As they say in the article that will be published on November 12th in Astrophysical Journal Letters, object "it can be a fully operational probe that deliberately sends on Earth to alien civilization"

What is Oumuamu?

Last year, the ghostly visitor went through the solar system, and astronomers watched it disappear in space, hoping to collect information as it left our system. It was the first cosmic: The first interstellar asteroid was spotted.

We know it ourselves solar system the remains of the first materials that formed the planets.

Photo: Nasa

Near the Sun, where it is too hot for the ice to remain frozen, these remains are called asteroids. Further, where the ice remains firm, these bodies become the core of possible comets.

We also know, sometimes, the gravitational interaction between these objects and our larger planets solar system can throw them into the interstellar space fast enough to avoid the gravity of our Sun. When this happens, they become interstellar wanderers, lost in the void galaxy.

Photo: Nasa

Last year, astronomers studied the first of these vagabonds from another discovered planetary system that goes through our own.

When is the telescope Pan-STARRS discovered the facility at the beginning in Hawaii on October 19, 2017, observers believed it to be a comet, one of many falling from the limitation of our solar system and which are discovered every year as you approach the sun.

Photo: Nasa

The newly discovered object, however, was already rotating near the Sun. When observations showed no confusion that was usually associated with defrosting the comet, it reclassified as asteroid.

But a more detailed examination of its orbit showed that this object was not gravitatively related to Sun not at all. This just happened: The first observed asteroid of the second planetary system.

His name was given Oumuamua, which in Hawaiian means something similar "first messenger away"

Photo: Nasa

Oumuamua entered our own solar system from the direction of the star Vega, although astronomers could not track their origins in any star system. After turning the Sun, he left the Solar System in the direction of constellation Pegasus.

After their close encounter with the Sun, Oumuamua traveled 86,000 miles per hour, and astronomers tried to get as much perception as possible and learn more about how this interstellar traveler is.

They confirmed it was relatively small, only a quarter of a mile long, and its color shows that the dark reddish white is similar to certain asteroids in our planetary system. The way in which its illumination differs indicates that it rotates and gives traces of its shape, which is very unusual, much more separated from any asteroid that was previously visible, and possibly up to 10 times its width.

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