Thursday , May 13 2021

Sheinbaum affirms Jesus Orta Martinez as Secretary of Public Security

Mexico City (APR) .- Elected the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, was presented by the next Secretary of Public Security, Jesus Orta Martinez, who outlined the 15 pillars of the security and peace strategy in Mexico City.

Orta Martinez was a senior officer in the government of Marcelo Ebrard in Mexico City. He was also Deputy Minister of Costs at the Ministry of Finance. He was also Secretary of the Federal Police when Manuel Mondragon was a national security commissioner.

At a conference in Casa Lam, the next official said that among the points of this strategy, the eradication of corruption in the police "is one of the biggest problems of addiction".

80 percent of the tasks of the contract – for the purchase of patrols, uniforms, gasoline – will be through public procurement.

Control will be established within 847 squares throughout the city, the presence of police officers in public transport and transfer centers will increase, work conditions will improve, especially police pay, and provide human rights training. .

"The head of government will never give an order to use public power to undermine society," said Orta Martinez.

As part of the strategy, he mentioned that he would invite human rights personnel to conduct special anti-crime operations, as well as work in the proximity and proximity police, so that all capitalists know their colony's police.

At the Tomas Pliego conference, he was presented as future coordinator of the Office for Security and Justice of the Citizens of the Citizens' City and Salvador Guerrero Cipres as future President of the Council for the Procurement of Citizens for Security and Justice.

Claudia Seinbaum said that "in order to define these appointments," we made a very thorough analysis, "in addition to looking for experts and intelligence information to confirm that" these people have proven sincerity, experience, immense social sensitivities and who are committed to the return of peace and security in the capital. "

He also stressed that this strategy is based on the special attention of young people who are at the highest risk of accessing criminal behavior.

"I'm sure this strategy will work. We will take control of the security in the city, which is lost today," Sheinbaum said.

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