Sunday , May 22 2022

Sonja Andrade's son is a glory in social networks


CITI OF MEXICO.- Milton, the alleged son of the composers Sergio Andrade and Carola de la Cuesta, draws attention to several of his publications on Instagram, where he is portrayed as a real actor.

The young man is 19 years old, although he has distanced himself from the world of entertainment, in social networks where he monopolizes the attention of people and foreigners, Debate portal reported.

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Several photos of Milton just appeared, one of the many sons of Sergia Andrade, Composer of topics like "Better Times" and "Macan" and lives far from the spotlights and press releases.

According to information on various news portals, a young man lives in Spain and He is surprised by his similarity to his fatherBecause the characteristics, eyes and even certain functions are very similar.

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The young man devotes a part of his life to sport and water life, and as he can see in Instagram's photos, he formed a well-defined body; in his networks, won hundreds of young women with his galanty, although apparently already has a steady couple named Anastacia.

In view of this, Karola de la Cuesta, who is far from the environment, did not want to say anything about it.

A few weeks ago, Valentina de la Cuesta For the first time he addressed journalists about his life from his father, Sergio Andrade, who was imprisoned for seven years for crimes of juvenile corruption, kidnapping and aggravation of rape, who was released in 2007 by paying several fines.

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