Sunday , May 9 2021

Subject to Express Booking. Let go of “El Toro”, the order in Morena

We advance that Bruna and her retiree aspiring to government of Guerrero, Felix Salgado Macedoni, They are about to start the mobilizations against him National Electoral Institute and its president Lorenzo Córdova.

It will be on March 31st, We are told, when groups loyal to “El Toro” Salgado, dropped from the candidacy by the federal electoral authority for not complying with the guidelines of expense checking, Perform the first “Mega march against the INE and its arbitrariness “in Chilpancingo.

The invitation to his followers reads: “Crossed by the defense of the Fourth Transformation to Guerrero“And he warns” Guerrero has already decided, the people have already chosen! “.

They assure us that Don Felix has everything support from national leadership to begin with their mobilizations in the streets, at the same time as they prepare the defense of their case before the Electoral Court of the Judiciary of the Federation, Who will have the last word and decide if “El Toro” is still at work, or is back in the corral. First of all, the instruction is “Let go of the Bull”.


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