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Sweet came to sex work to support her baby girl


Due to economic difficulties arising from the pandemic, from 2020 to date the number of sex workers, According to the organization Street Brigade of Women’s Support Elisa Martínez, since only in the Mexico City, Of the census he conducted, the figure on the streets increased from 7 thousand 500-15,000 200, and on the Internet there was also an increase in advertisers and pages and groups in which they are offered sexual services.

“The economy it is not good as they presume, there are more and more unemployed women and this has led them to see sex work as an alternative, which is still a gender issue, as 75% are women and the others belong to the trans community, A minimum percentage are men.

“About 90% of the increase in sex workers is early. They are young people in their 20s and 30s who tell you that they had no choice, that they no longer found another occupation“, Says the president of the civil organization, Elvira Madrid.

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An example is sweet Hernandez, Who was fired from a grocery store because the owners could no longer pay theirs on.

With the pandemic upon her, the 20-year-old from Veracruz found in sex work how to bear all her expenses and to support her four-year-old daughter.

“I am a single mother and I got into to work like everyone else. I did everything to get my daughter forward, it wasn’t the first choice I had or took, but I realized that yes it was the best because my daughter’s father doesn’t support anything and i had to see for her.

Photo: Berenice Fregoso. the Universal

“We were alone. No one knocks on the door and supports you with a pantry, but when you look for your solutions and start getting into that medium is when more people point at you.

“Why do nursery schools open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 4:00 p.m., when one works 12 hours? Maybe that was one of the main excuses I started in this job,” Dolç points out.

Without support, the young woman looked for a way to generate one income. “An ad on Facebook appeared and asked for a manicurist, with a wide range of criteria and who wanted to enjoy a salary of 4 thousand to 8 thousand pesos a week.

Photo: Berenice Fregoso. the Universal

“I put on nails and thought my time had come, but I came to an erotic massage house where I was only given 65% of every job I did and I thought that if I was going to prostitute myself, I could prostitute myself,” add.

Before resorting to sex work, Dolça, aged 15 to 19, was a waitress, cashier and assistant at a grocery store.

According to information from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), the group most affected by the reduction in employment during the pandemic was that of young people and the impact of the crisis was greatest on women.

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“Between 2019 and 2020 the number of employed fell by 24 million 827,000 people, of whom about 13 million were women. This translated into a female unemployment rate of 11.9%.

“The female participation rate decreased from 51.4% in 2019 to 46.9% in 2020, and this reduction in the female participation rate places it at levels similar to those of 2002,” the ECLAC report notes.

“I know I could be selling tamales or doing anything like these suggestions which are always left over.

“I know I’m not the first or last woman to be like this and many have come out without resorting to sex work, but I’ve stuck to that form, because with one or two services I do a week I have the of a fortnight with minimum wage and it gets me to pay for my daughter’s daycare so I can have my long-term plans.

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“I want to study. I want to get over and that’s why I don’t want to deprive myself or deprive my daughter of more things, ”she assures.

Sweet began advertising on escort pages to offer sexual services; in addition, it uses social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and TikTok, to sell erotic content that reaches its subscribers after a transfer.

The Street Brigade and sex workers report that there are more active sites and that more and more women are posting intimate services or selling erotic content.

Mileroticos is the place where Sweet pays a small amount to position its ad between the main pages.

The portal has been operating since 2012 and is one of the main ones in advertising sexual services. It has 60 thousand 660 ads with verified photos and 3 thousand 386 profiles with video.

He is followed by sexoservidoras.com, the page reports that he has removed 10 thousand 651 escorts with fake photos of its total advertisers. There is also Mexicobaires.com, which is an escorts and company models portal that closed in 2018 and re-operated in 2020.

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It currently features photographs of 60 women and advertising from Onlyfans, as well as promotion of videos and photos in Telegram and hotels open in the metropolitan area. Other sites are Malportadas.com, which advertises 40 women, and Divine Temptations, with 70.

In April 2018, the site ZonaDivas close and those announcing escorts were targeted after several investigations into the crime of human trafficking and money laundering, but in May of the same year AngelesMex emerged, and in June, the same administrators of these portals went to create LaBoutiqueVip. By the end of this year, those who ran the defunct site had already taken it upon themselves to resend emails to their advertisers to let them know about the new version.

From divas they became called jewels. “A boutique where you find the most select,” the page says.

In April 2019, in Playa de el Carmen, the creator of ZonaDivas and LaBoutiqueVIP, Ignacio Antonio Santoyo Cervantes, alias Sony, was arrested.

Currently, the Angeles.mx portal advertises 55 women and LaBoutiqueVIP, in addition to 550.

Photo: Berenice Fregoso. the Universal

The faces that appeared in ZonaDivas are the ones that are now advertised on these sites. They are joined by other women who have recently ventured into sex work in the country.

“There are a lot of options in the middle to make money, but you also take a lot of risks, it’s the economic one but a bad situation can become horrible. This job is very romanticized,” says Sweet.

the World Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) collaborates globally with different organizations related to the defense of the rights and freedoms of people who exercise this activity.

He reports that the pandemic has exposed the iniquity, criminalization, marginalization and precariousness in which sex workers live.

the Sex Work Movement in Mexico (MOTRASEX), under the direction of Lola Deixa-vu Delgadillo Vargas, is part of the NSWP and points out that it is difficult to know the exact number of sex workers, as it is a population that is constantly on the move looking for an income.

“Regardless of the health crisis, there have always been people who resort to sex work in the face of a personal or family economic crisis.

“Now with the health and financial crisis if there are many more people who need to work, the problem is that they are reaching a market that is already very competitive, saturated and apart from being hit also with the economic crisis.

“Before you could have more than one customer in one night, but when the pandemic started neither the cars passed,” Lola comments.

For the Street Brigade, which stands by the sex workers, it has been difficult to continue to provide pantry support and legal advice because they have had a work overload. “Many don’t show the reality, they interviewed me a long time ago and they wanted me to talk about the fashion of sex work and the internet pages. That doesn’t exist. It’s precariousness that pushes sex work, they want to attract the inexperienced. , they look to stick to others, at the end of what arrives to them it is already gain “, affirms Elvira Madrid.

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