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The absence of a triple viral vaccine leaves 776,000 unprotected children in 2018

Mexico City.- A disruption of the triple viral vaccineLast year, 776,000 Mexican children were not protected against measles, rubella and mumps, reported the Undersecretary of Health Promotion and Prevention, Hugo López – Gatell RamírezAnd he reported that there is already a complaint before him Internal Control Body to know the reason why doses were not available.

In 2018 we did not have vaccines, in total 776,000 doses against measles, rubella and parotiditis, Which are the two formulations that were not achieved last year. The complaint is not against someone, but we must investigate why we did not have the vaccine supply, "he said.

He added that Grup Pharma Imperial LaboratoriesWho was the provider of the vaccines claimed in his favor that it was not their responsibility not to deliver the doses, but the Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios (COFEPRIS) did not release vaccination batches on time.

I will not speculate, this is part of the investigation and what the provider has argued. "

Hugo López – Gatell revealed that when they arrived at the administration on December 1 he learned that one day before he had started a process to terminate the contract with the laboratory.

the outgoing administration I had to act responsibly and tell us, this is our risk assessment, for ics or, for example, we did not get the coverage and then put ourselves in a position to respond to the concern from & Starting, but it was not alerted, we did not communicate in a structured way when we entered on December 1, we learned that 24 hours before the contract termination process was started. "

He expressed that this "lack of transparency" leaves a double problem in the current administration, "the vaccines were not delivered in June, August and October and then we have the problem of the complaint before the Internal Organ of Control and one public health problem That is the risk of a measles outbreak. "

To protect the child population, the official said that during the First National Health Week 2019, he will be trying to position measles vaccines in the most vulnerable communities, as well as gaining surpluses of the dose.

Our national company BIological and Reagents of Mexico which is a paraestatal, had a vaccine reserve and it will give us about 554 doses which we will correct and Pemex He offered us a loan of the other 200 thousand and a fraction, we will be able to vaccinate and we are in the process of obtaining more vaccines in 2019, considering surpluses necessary to respond to the coverage gaps. "

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