Saturday , November 27 2021

The clothes appear on the criminal charges of the journalistic criminal police


This morning about 15 printed blankets appeared in different parts of the city of Villahermosa, in which they sought General Audomar Martinez Zapata, the former Secretary of Public Security of Tabasco, to act against police officers of the Ministry of Public Security (SAA) to provide alleged protection to criminals to commit crimes with high performance.

Yesterday, during a brief talk about the sixth government report, Arturo Nunez Jimenez, General Audomare Martinez Zapata mentioned that he would work in the elected president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, through a special area of ​​security. , although he did not reveal how the name would carry this new space.

Between several others, on the uneven bridge in the south of Avenida Luis Donalddo Colosio de Gaviotas, in front of the lagoon, there is a blanket.

In the aforementioned blanket, they asked General Audomar Martinez Zapata to investigate the alleged police officer Irving de Jesus Jimenez, the alleged perpetrator of Juan Carlos Huerta's death and kidnapping and executions in the country, along with Pelon de Plaias del Rosario.

The police are in different locations where it is stated that the look of the blanket has been removed.

Mantas, Vhsa, Seagulls, Ruiz CortinesMantas, Vhsa, Seagulls, Ruiz Cortines

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