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The new Netflix subscription for smartphones is already official, and that's what you should know


It's not the first time we talked about Unocero Netflix exclusive subscription plan for smartphonesIn fact, for several months now the company has started testing it in some parts of the world in a small group of users. However, on today's day this new subscription plan is already official, and is a new way of attracting customers to the platform.

This subscription plan bears the name "Mobile"And as we have said, it will be exclusive for smartphones, as well as it can only be enjoyed by a single user, so that we can not share the account as with the other subscription plans.

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Regarding the resolution in which we can reproduce content It will only be in SD, that is, 480p. Of course, limiting the quality and quantity of simultaneous users also comes with a low price, and although Netflix has not revealed the official price, it is said that it could cost half of what the subscription is worth more Basic, that is to say, in Mexico It could cost about 50 pesos per month.

A very limited release

Although the subscription plan is already official, this does not mean that Netflix will launch it in all the markets where the company operates. And for now the plan will be released exclusively to India, So it is a mystery when it would reach countries in Latin America or Europe.

The idea of ​​launching it in India comes from the fact that in this country the ARPU (Average income per user) of pay TV is below $ 5, which is why Netflix's price would be between 4 and 5 dollars a month, which is why the company wants to attract Customers in one of the largest markets in the world.

Another big question is that Netflix does not clarify whether users will be able to use AirPlay or Google Cast to transmit to teams like the Chromecast and TVs, because we remember that this subscription plan can only be played on smartphones or tablets.

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