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The XIV International Car Fair in Corferias closed the expectations of the meeting


One more time, International car fair in Bogota, proves that the automotive show is a par excellence. This year, over 54,000 square meters of the exhibition allowed 200,000 visitors who attended the event to find out the latest trends in the 60 brands of cars and motorcycles that were present.

In this respect, Andres Gonzalez, revealed the project manager at Hall "This version is emphasized by setting the brands present in the sample, leaving us a very favorable balance and a strong expectation of commercialization of more than 20,000 units thanks to the development of the event." We feel the enthusiasm of brands and assistants, thanks to the creditworthiness of the financiers for the purchase of new vehicles. that the show is the most important exhibition of the sector in the country ".

On the other hand, Eduardo Visbal, vice president of the automotive sector FenalcoHe said that "the great success of this event is repeated this year, which, according to RUNT data, in the first half of November, which is equal to the first Sunday of the show, the enrollment increased by 8.33%, which shows that by the end of the month we will fulfill the goal and 250,000 units per year. "

Juan Felipe Bedoia, president Porsche Colombia, "We are delighted with the participation of our brands in this edition, Brand Volkswagen showed its strength and capabilities, we are a successful brand in sales with more than 1,500 units sold in Hali." However, in Seat we showed the importance of the Barcelona brand, the relevance of its products and a huge future in the future. "

Martin Lopez, Vice President of Commercial and Automotive Planning Toiota from Colombia, He said that during the International Automobile Fair they have been dedicated to overcoming expectations through the experience of the brand for customers to access the benefits, special products and launches, making it one of the most successful sales fairs and the number of visitors to Toiota.

The Marka sold in sales with Toiot Prado, followed by the SV4 version of the 2.4 turbo diesel and Hiluk GR-S. "We hope to outperform the results and thus prepare ourselves from now for the surprise of our customers in the next version of this great event in the automotive sector in Colombia" said Vice President of Commercial and Automotive Planning, Toyota of Colombia.

Mauricio Hernandez, vice president of the company Subaru in Colombia, indicated that the brand was the main player. "The new Forester 2019 was the stellar model of our show and the most important edition. The renewed portfolio, with vehicles featuring top-notch safety, state-of-the-art Boker engines, infotainment and communication technologies with compatible AppleCar Play and Android-compatible touchscreens, ere marke. "

Daniel Galindo, manager BMW, He assured that "For the BMV group, the participation in this edition of the Fair was successful in terms of positioning, because for the first time we showed a complete portfolio of brands and commercial, because we exceeded the goals we set."

For Alejandro Munoz Castrillon, communication coordinator Inducascos, "The performance was designed as an important international fair that attracted a high number of visitors, and our target audience was interested in the products and the experiences we offered at the stand, our participation was very good, we closed our jobs and made important sales. we will overcome these data at the next International Automobile Show. "

Commercial manager DSFK and BAIC, Paola Lozanohe said that "The Salon was pleased for us because we once again confirmed the trust and interest of our brand by customers when choosing the Baic k25, k35 and Dfsk 580 models."

Juan Carlos Lopez, marketing manager Nissan, convinced that 2018 is a special year to change the image of the brand in terms of what Auto Shovs deserves; For this reason, they arrived at the International Automobile Fair with a complete digital experience in which it is obvious that people from different Nissan vehicles are obvious.

"We are surprised by the great acceptance of the new electric Nissan Leaf with 389 kilometers of autonomy that will arrive in the country in June 2019 and which it has purchased from now on in Halle." Ks-trail and Kicks trucks are also required ", said Lopez.

Fabian Rodriguez, Marketing Manager Renault-Sofas, He assured that "It was an interesting display of the brand, there were many visitors and we showed what we bring to the market. The clients showed us that what we did appreciate: the ramp path, Pro +, a specific area for professional clients, our Treasury Concept Car Emission , among other things, we paid for what we invested in the hall. We are very satisfied with the level of sales, the influx of people, the monitoring in social networks and what is achieved in the media and digital media, and we hope that the next court will be such. "

Emilio Boid, CEO and founder Blinapp, the platform that offers the ability to transport in vehicles with level 3 shielding said that "it was the first time in the show, which We allowed the launch of the launch, and we also had a good media exposure. Similarly, at the client level, we got the best contacts. "

Claudia Elena Velazquez, a commercial manager Better, He specified this "We are very grateful to allow us to re-participate in this new release." In order for this fair to be better, the fair is very good, because as a team we see a hard work to improve and improve Corferia, not only with the public but with our exhibitors. we said goodbye with a big smile and motivated from now on to look forward to the seventeenth version of the car. "

Juan David Calderon, digital content coordinator Suzuki Motor from Colombia, That's what he said "It was a great hall in terms of traffic with visitors, quotes and sales. In a media call, we are very happy, the support is invaluable. We hope to close the year with the success of the fair."

For Chevrolet, The situation during the 12 days of the event was positive for Chevrolet. This is revealed Luis Salem, Vice President of Marketing General Motors South America Vest. "This was a very successful event, we presented the evolution of the latest Columbian product portfolio featuring the latest technologies, design and security. The technology of pavilions, novelties and car emissions is emphasized."

He added that "At this fair, we had the opportunity to publish important launchers as the best-selling car in Latin America in the version of Sedan, Chevrolet Onik and the new crossover edition, the Chevrolet Spark GT Activ, and also surprised the special Redline edition of the Chevrolet Traverse: Cannondale Tracker, ideal for cycling enthusiasts Camaro ZL1, the fastest in history and the Camaro SS, the legend of the newest generation. In addition, the regional presentation of the new Chevrolet Blazer has been highlighted, and for closing, the Camaro Pasarell icon was made in its second version, the event system that has been shown creativity, innovation and ingenuity, the values ​​Chevrolet has in common with the design and mode ".

David Vazkuez, boss KTM line, he said that "The car fair was very busy with people, we are very satisfied with the results, we only have good comments on the quality of the fair, I want to emphasize the importance of an exclusive motorcycle pavilion, it helps a lot, the results we got as a KTM brand."

Juan Diego Galindo, Managing Director Corporacion Maresa, "We closed this version with great pleasure because we achieved the main goals we set up. The first was to re-brand the country's brand with innovative products with technology, design and finishes, demonstrating and delivering Colombia peace and confidence in returning Cheria to a strong position thanks to Mares Corporation. "The foregoing enabled us to exceed the sales target that we estimated."

Surely, Shov was the ideal place for brands to make technology launches, hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as open exhibitions and demonstrations of 4k4 vehicles.

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