Wednesday , October 5 2022

They complain that Juan Gabriel lives and returns to the scene


Joakuin Munoz, former manager and alleged partner Juan Gabriel, insists on his statements that "El Divo de Juarez" is alive and will soon appear.

"Everything is being prepared for the next month, passed 15th, it will be announced"

According to the program "Intruders"of Televisa , The manager singer gave statements that Juan Gabriel "simulated his death" and that find it hiddenHe is also confident that the translator "Noja, Noja" will return to the scene next month.

"Everything is being prepared for the next month, it's 15th, it will be announced," he said.

Joakin Munoz has stated that he is with "Divo de Juarez" on July 8, because he is "bad".

"He is currently ill, because he is a diabetic, he cut his nail on his nail and stuck himself, then the pus is on," Munoz said.

In the end, on the question of the succession that his children fought, the former manager convinced that everything is false, because the same Juan Gabriel has a testimony in his power "the rest is pure Talkative"

It was announced that Juan Gabriel died on August 28, 2016 United States for a heart attack, which was discovered by autopsy.


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