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This weekend, a meteor shower will decorate the sky


would be: Notable – November 16, 2018, 10:22 am

Mexico (NTX) .- This weekend, the Leonid star shower, referring to the 55P / Tempel-Tuttle comet, will decorate the sky with a maximum activity rate of 15 meteors per hour.

This astronomical spectacle will reach its peak in the hours before dawn on November 17, with a better view from 3:00 am to dawn on the northern hemisphere, NASA's meteorological office said.

In Mexico, people in the north of the country will have greater chances to appreciate meteorological conditions due to weather conditions.

Leonids are bright, fast meteors traveling at a speed of 71 kilometers per second, so they are considered one of the fastest meteorites.

Remains of Cometa 55P / Tempel-Tuttle, derived from Leonid, are also known for fireballs, larger bursts of light and color, which can last longer than the average meteoric line.

The above is stated because the spherical spheres stimulate particles with more material.

Comet Tempel-Tuttle, independently detected by Ernst Tempel in 1865 and Horace Tuttle, takes 33 years to make one orbit around the Sun.

You know that the Leonids produced great storm meteors of 1833, 1866, 1966, and 2001. However, this will be until 2099, when the Earth is another "thick cloud of residues".

According to the American meteoric society, it is likely that when the comet returns in 2031 and 2064, there will be good manifestations of Leonid's activity at rates above the rate of one hundred percent.

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