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Thus Inés Gómez Mont proposed marriage to Tom Brady dressed as a bride


The TV host Inés Gómez Mont, Jumped to world fame after attending the press conference of the American Football Championship, during the Super Bowl in 2008, when the presenter he proposed marriage to her to the recognized excoreback Tom Brady, Where the woman was going wedding dress.

In the distant 2008, Inés Gómez appeared before the excorebak to declare his love and propose weddings, Being a special envoy with the mission to record a series of capsules where she appeared interviewing different players, wedding dress.

During the press conference, Mount Gomez stand out among his fellow journalists and reporters, thanks to the white dress and veil worn that day by the Mexican, with which he managed to capture the attention of the then corebak of the New England Patriots, who gave the floor to ask him your question.

Thus Inés Gómez Mont proposed marriage to Tom Brady dressed as a bride
Near: inesgomezmont on Instagram.

That’s when, dressed as a bride, Ventaneando’s ex-conductor he declared to Tom:Brady“I’m in love with you,” the driver shouted, “would you marry me? Please,” was the question the presenter asked the excorebak, causing a big surprise to the American player, who he replied, “no one had ever declared me.”

Inés Gómez Mont is accused of alleged misappropriation of 149 billion

However, it was since last Friday, September 10 when it became known that Inés Gómez Mont and her husband Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga, were accused of allegedly having carried out operations with resources of illicit origin, being this the reason for which an arrest warrant was issued against the driver.

It is currently the Office of the Deputy Attorney General for Organized Crime Investigation (Seido), which is in charge of the case, with a report indicating that the couple left Mexico several months ago, so they would be as fugitives and It is estimated that Inés and her partner allegedly diverted about 3 billion pesos (149 billion pesos) from the Ministry of the Interior to a network of façade companies.

However, the ex-driver has already commented from his Instagram account, where he said he had no knowledge about the alleged arrest warrant against her, or about the alleged evidence on which they are based.

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