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Villiam Levi launches against Huna Osorio, called it a "low-grade manufacturer"

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Through his social networks, Villiam Levi sent a strong message to Juan Osorio, after the producer accused him of being ungrateful.

In an interview with Hoi, Osorio, the current producer "My husband has more family," he said he was not interested in working with someone like Villiam Levi.

"I think that for Villiam, the release and his triumph step were soap operas, and now he does not accept them and throw them away, it's reluctant," he said.

The Cuban actor replied that it was "funny" that Osorio spoke of him, since they were never coffee, revealing his "pathetic and ignorant nature".

Levi, who began his career in Mexico and remembered for successful melodramas like "Sortilegio" with Jackuel Bracamontes, has been running personal projects in the United States for several years and has dedicated himself to his family.

In one part of his text, the actor comments that artists who have an accident are forcing their career into the hands of "incompetent producers such as Juan Osorio", to sacrifice moments with their family, something to which he is not willing.

Then complete the message.

This is to express my deep indignation in the unpleasant words with which producer Juan Osorio declares, but he does not know me. It's amazing when people in industry are so desperate because they take into account that they can push somebody, thinking that it will do even more. I'm sure he said that negative things about me, get more attention, and maybe it is But, unfortunately, his efforts to attack me serve only to discover his pathetic and unusual nature.

This makes me funny, because he has never crossed a cup of coffee with me.

Let me clarify things:

1. First, this particular person has been and will always be considered as a low-level producer. There is no scenario in which he ever thinks about working with him, so his answer is almost as irrelevant as he is. I can not blame him for not knowing me, in the end, I would never meet people like him. But, if he knew me, he knew that he was a father before anything else in my life, including my career. Working 6 days a week for 8 to 10 months in a row year after year, it's inevitable not only that it is emotionally exhausting, but it does not give me time to share with the kids as much as I want. One grows and our priorities change over time. In the end, if I am forced to choose novels and children, I will always choose my children.

2. I would like to say to my Latin audience, especially from Mexico, who first saw my principles as an actor and who gave me and continued to love me a lot, they do not know what's missing in Mexico, I have said several times and will continue to I'm talking because that's what I feel. I hope to find a project with which I can return to Mexico either in a movie, a theater or a novel. Artists who are unhappy that they have been forced to put their careers into the hands of incompetent producers like this. We always do our best to have a day when we can choose those projects that make us happy and worthwhile for a while to get out of the family because you love what you do.

3. Fortunately, I was blessed to work with exceptional producers such as Carla Estrada and Nathalie Lartilleuk who allowed me to talk stories that I will always be extremely proud of.

4. In the midst of this search for great stories and projects, I decided to open the door to the market in English (as many other colleagues did), at the same time I have developed my projects in Spanish, starting with "In the Arms of Sorrow", which will A month to finish postproduction. I made this film exclusively and specifically for the Latin market, and above all, I took into consideration the lovers of my novels every step on the way. In any case, in the last 5 years of my life, I devoted myself to my children and achieved other goals in order to realize other dreams. This, I do not think it makes sense to be ungrateful.

5. Every time someone chooses to talk about himself like this; I'm always trying to find a lesson that can be used for the benefit of our children. In this case, the lesson is clear: there will always be people who have poison that goes through the veins. They will always try to get up by pulling others. The true winners will be those who maintain energy in raising others. Thanks to Juan for example to our children who should not be in life, not to express themselves from others, but above all to show them what really means to be shameful.

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