Monday , September 27 2021

Warren Buffett’s advice to protect your money from inflation

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The price of consumer living in the United States has skyrocketed as it has not in the last 10 years. The media echoes fears that inflation will eat up our savings and our purchasing power. Warren Buffett, the most famous investor, gave two tips to those who want to protect themselves from inflation.

“If you’re the best teacher, if you’re the best surgeon, if you’re the best lawyer, you’ll get the salary you deserve, no matter what the coin is worth,” Buffett said in 2009 during a meeting with Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, the conglomerate he presides over. It was his advice to protect himself from inflation. for oracle of Omaha, Once you are the best at yours, you can put the price you want.
Investor Warren Buffett, enjoying a Coca-Cola in 2019 - Sputnik World, 1920, 2021.07.24

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The second tip from the investor so that the money doesn’t lose value is to have shares “of a business that is wonderful”. He argues that no matter what happens to the dollar, if this business is good and they like their products, the public will buy them. Your actions will go up as needed.

“If you have Coca-Cola shares, you’re going to get a share of the work of people in their 20s and 50s (…) No matter what happens to the price level.”

Buffett doesn’t forget about indexed funds as a tool to get money back without throwing everything at a handful of stocks. “Constantly buy an indexed fund like on the SP-500,” are his words. the oracle of Omaha carries since 2017 recommending them. These are products that diversify our investment to the maximum and follow an index such as the SP-500, which includes Apple and Coca-Cola.

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