Sunday , May 16 2021

What was Douglas Costa doing in the Tigers locker room in Qatar? – Ruben Rodriguez


The directive of tigers indeed he is working on a renewal of the staff for the following tournaments, due to the demands of the board, fans and the tournament itself, but from here to contact players like Douglas Costa or talk to his representative the distance is a lot. The current management of the feline group is completely unaware of where the rumor could have come from the alleged approach explained by the player’s representative, as to date there has been nothing in particular or close to sitting to talk about the topic.

For the board it is laughable to make such statements because they only generate expectation in their hobby and competition, but first of all nothing with Douglas Costa.

And although for the greater feline plain it would seem the luxury reinforcement, when doing accounts and seeing the economic situation they realize that it is impossible to hire a player who earns about six million euros annually, although they do not deny that in the past Club World Cup, and derived from the friendship he has with Carioca, the Bayern player was in the locker room of the Cats for about 30 minutes, where he talked with different players and managers of the Tigers in the best possible plan, and asking for Mexican football and Tigers without major inconvenience, hence the approach with the player. For now, the feline sights are to make the renewal official with Ferretti in the coming days, recover the football memory, start winning games and get into Lligueta and thus start working on what is to come for the next football year.


The Mexican team is fulfilling its tour of Europe in the face of a crazy summer with various competitions and tight schedules. After a terrible development of the Mexican picture in its first party against Wales, where enormity backed down in the group, soon to face Costa Rica and to overcome it with good and bad things, where the operation individual was evident with Lozano, Orbelin and Romo, who were the best men in the selection of Martino, also made it clear that at times is weighing more the history and name of the player than at the moment, typical in the Mexican team. Rodolfo Pizarro has been out of action for months at club and national team level, Erick Gutiérrrez’s terrible moment was not due to a national team call, the little football that Jonathan Dos Santos has shown was also to leave him out. called, considering that in the Mexican league there are players who closed the door to them without trying them, case Ormeño.

Or not to give minutes from the start to players like Diego Lainez, certainly in two years the numbers are excellent, but these kinds of details are what we would ask Martino, daring to try new players, to give confidence to the new ones and stop supporting those who no longer give.


Martino will have to work on a secondary list for the Gold Cup and then play a leading role in the qualifiers, being in front of a good opportunity to generate something important in the Olympics, so it must be a priority from now on. for the whole structure, above the Gold Cup and the friendlies in the United States.

Undoubtedly the list for the Gold Cup and the generational change in the major will suffer a moment of relaxation for the Olympics, as Lozano seeks as a reinforcement to Guillermo Ochoa, A center that can be Salcedo and an offensive player, which in the absence of Raul Jimenez can be resolved with a left-hand drive where both Hirving Lozano and Tecatito Corona are contemplated, players who would add the squad and give more weight to the Olympic team in search of the medal, and that from now on, Gerardo Torrado must handle with tweezers and in a priority way. All support for the Olympics.


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