Tuesday , October 26 2021

When will Orbelín travel to report with Celta de Vigo? – David Medrano



The transfer of Orbelín Pineda at Celta de Vigo has been closed, and the warrior will travel on January 3 of the year entering Spain to join his new team. Pineda’s contract with the Blue Cross ends on December 31 and a few days later he will be integrated into Celta de Vigo after there was already an agreement between the player and the Spanish team after several weeks of negotiations. Blue Cross at the time he could not convince Orbelín to renew the contract and for that reason the player went free to the Celta as far as concluding the present match. FIFA empowers those with less than six months of current contracts to negotiate with another club and that is what the people representing Orbelín did until an agreement was reached, which has already happened. The cementers have already been informed that the player will play the next tournament with Celta de Vigo.


After Orbelín, the cement management has intensified talks with Luis Romo to try to renew it and not have to go for free as happened in the case of Pineda. Romo has one more year left on his contract with those in the capital and if he does not renew, he will be free in December 2022 to be able to contract with whoever he wants. Alvaro Davila himself as head of the Blue Cross has started the dialogue with Romo and his representative in order to renew the commitment and thus if there is a transfer, the cement box can earn some money.


Despite not yet making his debut in Italian football with Genoa, Johan Vásquez is once again on Gerardo Martino’s radar for the three knockout matches of the October FIFA Date. The Italian team has already received the official call from the Directorate of National Selections of Mexico because the defender travels to our country in early October. From the last date, Martino wanted to have Vásquez although in the end he could not travel and for that reason the Argentine strategist had to enable to Néstor Araujo like power station by left, that is the place where he has contemplated to Johan.


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