Thursday , May 13 2021

Windows 10 will have a new cleaner theme for the Lifestyle

Microsoft's operating system is testing a new theme called "Light Theme" for Windows 10. This is tested by the Insider operating system, something like components Windows 10 beta. Thanks to this, we have come to know the aspect of this new topic, which opposes what we usually enjoy in dark tones. Visual changes are important, and you just need to see the images to understand them. Total changes for a system that many users appreciate.

This is Window 10 Light Theme

This future theme will offer a brighter palette of colors, primarily light blue and transparent, to make it look much more bearable and less loaded than a traditional dark theme.

Windows 10 Light Theme
New Window 10 Light Theme

Also in this the latest version for Microsoft Insider, there are new features coming, such as the ability to choose the days when we do not want to update the system, so our installations do not interrupt our work. It will also be a new way to display the Windows 10 menus, leaving the cursor still on the Window 10 window in the lower left corner of the screen, through the Windows logo.

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