Monday , May 16 2022

Woman falls on the theft of 19 mobile phones in Corona Capital


Woman falls on the theft of 19 mobile phones in Corona Capital

Photo: taken from Twitter (@ SSPCDMKS).


The woman was arrested for alleged theft 19 phones mobile phones on the first day of the music festival & # 39; Corona Capital 2018 & # 39; which takes place Iztacalco.

Among the stolen phones is the Apple iPhone X.

Art expands in Crovn Capital 2018

Elements of the local secretariat for public security (SSP) retained the woman outside the place of the music event, After receiving a complaint from a man who indicated that minute before the woman in the gray blouse had stolen her mobile phone.

The army identified and retained it, in accordance with the police action protocol, it was examined, which resulted in the detection of a woman's purse light brown. 19 mobile phones of various brands with lids and accessories, including the mobile device of the complainant, one Apple brand type iPhone X.

They will extend the bus schedule by Corona Capital

, 30, confiscated mobile phones, as well as a women's purse and accessories, were available to the Territorial Coordination of the Public Ministry Agency IZC-3, not without first notice of his right to remain unenforceable, to have a lawyer and to notify a family member of his arrest by Mexico City Police.


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