Wednesday , March 3 2021

Xiaomi SmartWatch on sale now for 63 euros and with free shipping

The model that is being promoted is the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite, A device that offers functionality that for the vast majority of users is more than enough for their day to day. Metal finish, specifically a aluminum, The design is quite recognizable and it highlights one 1.4-inch screen in color (it is LCD) and it has a resolution of 320 320 pixels. Therefore, comply. It is also noteworthy that it has a useful side button that is very conveniently accessed even when playing sports.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite side smart watch

Connectivity with smartphones is achieved through the use of Bluetooth 5.1, Which ensures that it is possible to use this Xiaomi SmartWatch with both terminals iOS like the ones they use Android. The weight is almost ridiculous, only 35 grams, and yet inside it has a 230 mAh battery that exceeds that offered by many of its rivals in the market. With it, and due to the good choice of hardware, the autonomy offered by this wearable accessory reaches the nine days of use. Again maximum solvency and this will be a section that will have no problem … even if you forget the charger when you go out for a weekend.

Sensors to give and sell

The truth is that if you know the physical activity you do daily, this is a model that will be a good answer for you, as it includes everything you may need. So, for example, you don’t need a heart rate sensor and one accelerometer of three axes. Therefore, it must comply perfectly. But in addition, this Xiaomi My Watch Lite has a gyroscope and GPS, Which makes it a model that fulfills many functions that are useful (such as knowing the quality of sleep and even knowing if breathing is adequate). How can it be otherwise, this model is not lacking water resistance, So he is a good partner when it comes to sports.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Smartwatch with sensor use

Take advantage of the discount for this Xiaomi SmartWatch

If you are convinced that this accessory is a possible purchase option, know that there is one 38% discount to buy it at Gearbest for sure you decide to get it. Plus, and that’s important, right now shipping to Spain is free… so you don’t have to leave for long so that doesn’t change. The fact is that you only have to pay 63.61 euros to have it at home, which makes this complete smart watch a very good purchase option that does not lack the ability to change the strap you use .

The truth is that it is a great opportunity to get this Xiaomi SmartWatch for the price we have indicated, so this may be the wearable you were expecting, and it does not lack interesting additional details such as the automatically recognize up to eleven sports different or that the brightness of the screen is regulated automatically with quite reliability.

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