Saturday , August 13 2022

Yanet García "flirts" with a television driver (VIDEO)


One of the ardent women with millions of followers on Instagram and has also affected men by the size of their backs and by the sensual dance they do during the climate section, is the presenter Yanet Garcia.

Known as the "Girl of the weather", during her presence in the "Today" mornings, she captivates the public in the Television forum and this is due to the daring dressing rooms she uses in the show.

Yanet Garcia has given me what to say these days, since the beautiful presenter has crazed the internet for the hot videos and photos showing the buttocks, but this time the sexy woman left the users very surprised after flirting with one of the drivers of the morning

Yanet García is one of the favorite drivers in the "Today" program, with only 28 years of age she has returned one of the most beautiful faces of Mexican television.

The sensual "Girl of the weather" during her presence in the morning of Televisa, goes with a very daring look, being the sensation of the program.

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It should be mentioned that Yanet García is part of the play "El Tenorio Cómico", Raúl Araiza also participates in this project, and it is that both each time they have an opportunity try the dialogue.

And it is that during the afternoon of cameras of the morning program "Today", they caught Yanet García and Raúl Araiza rehearsing their lines, then the "Noia del clima" caught the face of the driver of Televisa and he mentioned that it is " 39; he had been nervous about the so seductive way the model began to speak.


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