Tuesday , September 27 2022

Zulli Ledesma is hospitalized


Zulli Ledesma is hospitalized
Javier Ledesma

Javier & Zulli & # 39; Ledesma was hospitalized after losing consciousness during a radio show

On Friday night, a former goalkeeper Chivas de Guadalajara Javier "Zulli" Ledesma He was transferred to Terranova Emergency Hospital, because he felt bad and lost consciousness during radio transmission.

A minute later he had to undergo surgery. The operation consisted of a drain of a small head of blood from the head since the breakdown of the brain vein.

Ledesma Exits the surgery at 10 o'clock. The doctors who attended him said that Javier went well, but he would have to stay for several days in intensive care.

His children, women and sisters later arrived at the hospital to get acquainted with Javier "Zulli" Ledesma.

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