Saturday , September 24 2022

50,000 migrants benefited from regulating their situation


About 50,000 people have used two phases of regulating the situation of migrants in Morocco, about 85% of the total number of applications by foreign nationals of 113 nationalities, Interior Minister Abdeloufi Laftit said in Rabat on Wednesday.
Presenting the draft budget allocated to the Ministry of the Interior to the Commission for Internal Affairs, Territorial Communities, Housing and Urban Policy at the House of Representatives, he pointed out that, in accordance with the Roial's High Guidelines, the period of renewal for the first time of the residence card for users of these operations was for three years, provided that he does not act in any way contrary to the applicable laws.
Regarding the reintegration of migrants, he said, the Ministry is performing its tasks within the ministerial commission responsible for monitoring the implementation of the new strategy on migration and asylum, emphasizing to strengthen this humanitarian approach, the Ministry of the Interior has worked to strengthen the voluntary return program by signing several conventions with The International Organization for Migration, under which migrants illegally residing in the territory of Morocco voluntarily return to their country of origin in conditions of respect for their rights and dignity . Since 2002, this program has been used by 26,000 people, he said.
In the same context, the minister stressed that public and security authorities continued to deal with trafficking and trafficking networks, which use sophisticated means of transporting illegal immigrants, while tend to use digital tools.
In this regard, a Moroccan official noted that the efforts made by the end of September 2018 enabled the killing of some 68,000 illegal immigration attempts and that 122 active criminal networks were being dismantled in that traffic, knowing that since 2002, more than 3,300 criminal gangs were thrown out of action and around 2,000 ships were seized.
Abdeloufi Laftit also stressed that the Ministry of the Interior is firmly committed to fighting various forms of crime that affect the sense of security among citizens, such as knives wear, psychotropic drugs, smuggling and crimes committed near educational institutions, which indicates that efforts to control the security situation in the Kingdom, which are quite normal and positively reflect Morocco's image in terms of stability and security. He added that the ministry has undertaken a series of measures to implement a security strategy that includes priority programs and projects aimed mainly at improving the security framework, creating new territorial units, developing forensic research techniques and rehabilitating the technical and scientific police, in addition to openness for all components of the society, including representatives of civil society and credible associations in the work of the anti-crime committee.
Regarding the fight against drug trafficking, the interior minister stressed that the efforts of the competent authorities made it possible to use more than 51 tonnes of cherries by the end of September 2018, more than 90 tonnes of kifa, more than 617 kg of cocaine and 606.239 psychotropic tablets, in addition dismantle several criminal networks specializing in international narcotics trafficking.
Concerning international security cooperation, Abdeloufi Laftit has assured that the ministry is focusing this year on strengthening international and regional cooperation through holding numerous bilateral meetings with responsible for several friendly countries and monitoring and coordinating the negotiation of several partnership agreements in This area. Also, according to the Minister, the participation of the competent services of the Ministry in several meetings and preparatory meetings of joint high level commissions that are interested in the field of security.
In the area of ​​civil protection, Abdeloufi Laftit said that during this year, the ministry strengthened the presence at the territorial level of this important intervention service, relief and prevention from disasters and disasters, establishing before its department's desire to complete construction projects to meet the needs of the new administrative and the territorial division of the Kingdom, recalling that in the first eight months of the current year 212.500 interventions on field work were done (on average 885 a day).
The minister also recalled that the special status of civil protection officers in Dahir and his decree will be declared in the current year.

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