Tuesday , July 5 2022

And here we are back to the ticks: the border


So small and so frightening. With heat and humidity, the ticks have returned. Without yielding to psychosis, you still have to take some precautions.

About 100 suspected cases of borreliosis are reported every year in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. More commonly known as "Lyme Disease", it is transmitted by a small, blood-thirsty arthropode: the tick.

And if summer weather drives us, we humans, to discourage us, is also the period that favors the beast to feed itself.

Usually close to foliage and high grass, up to 1.5 meters above the ground, under the underside, shrubs that border the forest, fall on their "prey" (human or animal)) before penetrating, those under the skin.

The bite is painless since its previous secretions act as an analgesic.

Wear long and clean clothes

Being chopped by a tick is not necessarily dramatic. All the specimens do not carry the virus that pollutes humans.

However, being infected may lead to some complications. Although it is not contagious or curable, Lyme's disease may in some cases become dangerous: in the most severe situations, the patient may develop neurological, joint, cutaneous, cardiac disorders …

That is why, despite the heat of undressing, it is still important to protect yourself from this moody shape.

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Therefore, the authorities recommend using closed shoes, long and light clothes, brush with spray, inspect clothing regularly and avoid, as far as possible, the areas where they are most likely to be exposed. to find oneself

Finally, since the bite is painless, it is advisable to inspect the body after a "risky" activity.

Especially, in the case of the discovery of a tick under his skin, it is essential to completely remove it with a clamp before disinfecting properly.

If symptoms of flu and / or red spots later appear, a medical consultation is recommended.

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