Tuesday , October 26 2021

Android applications can be installed: La Nouvelle Tribune


Among the many innovations of the new operating system Windows 11 announced by Microsoft in June next month, consider downloading Android apps from the App StoreAmazon. This is the first. This novelty, according to the American technology giant, will not be available from the release of the final version of Windows 11 October 5th. Second, it is offered for the first time in beta in the coming months Microsoft.

« We will not be able to run all Android applications, particularly those that are closely related to the heart of the operating system. However, the idea will be to benefit Windows 11 from 80% of Android apps. “, Entrusted the technical and security director of Microsoft France, Bernard Ourghanlian a JDN. « These apps must be present in the Amazon store to access them from the new Microsoft Store. “, added.

A subsystem Android

Applications that act like normal Windows applications can be attached to the menu To start, moved and generally treated as if they were native x86 entities. For this to work, Windows 11 you will need a subsystem Android, which just appeared in the latest developer Privileged preview. Not long ago, but it’s what will allow developers to play with applications. Android under Windows.

In addition, this is possible thanks to technology Intel Bridge, which makes it annoying for these Android apps to work natively on x86 hardware. This is not, however, something that will only work on hardware. Intel, will work well on computers AMD.

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