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Aziz Rebbah presented his priority projects


as per Ismail Benbaba on 08/11/2018 at 22h43

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Kioskue360. Minister of Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development presented the construction sites in 2019: launching an international tender for the project "Gas to Power", the progress of the Nigeria-Morocco project for the gas pipeline … Poenta.

Aziz Rebbach has uncovered major projects waiting for him in 2019. In a great interview he published Eco life in its kiosk on Friday, the Minister of Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development presents various hot issues that will lead during the new 2019 and even wider.

Therefore, in connection with the future privatization of the Tahaddart power plant, whose capital is partly held by ONEE, the Minister emphasizes that this initiative is part and in line with the goals set by public authorities in the region. energy sector, in particular to explore the ways necessary to better evaluate energy assets.

Aziz Rebba also talked about the megaproject "Gas to Power". "In order to take into account the technological and economic development, the ONEE 2022-2030 program will be reviewed, including the national MIC. Therefore, the planning of the" Gas to Power "project has some adjustments taking into account several parameters, including raising renewable energy programs and energy efficiency that will calibrate electricity consumption, "the minister said.

Eco life also notes that several components of the project have been revised in the light of the likely development of domestic gas production.

When will an international tender be launched for the "Gas for Power" project? To this question, Aziz Rebbach ensures that technical, legal and commercial advisers are appointed and that all the ingredients for launching a public call have already been met. "We will communicate about this in a timely manner," he says.

As for the gas project, the Minister will ensure that all criticisms of various stakeholders during the disclosure of draft laws are taken into account in order to create a balanced gas code. Aziz Rebbah also mentions the project of the Nigeria-Morocco pipeline and says the studies are ongoing and that the joint commission is working hard. "The countries of West Africa are still very interested in this future infrastructure," the minister added.

Aziz Rebba also ensures that the National Regulatory Authority of the Electricity Sector (ANRE) will function very quickly, to the extent that the government has already set up its operational budget, leased premises and set up its workforce.

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