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Death of Emiliano Sala: two arrests in England


Two people were arrested in Wiltshire in southeastern England, after posting on Twitter, a photo of the body in the morgue of the former soccer player in the city of Cardiff, Emliano Sala, who died after the collision of his private plane. Above the channel, the media reported on Tuesday.

The two defendants (a 48-year-old woman and a 62-year-old man) were subjected to judicial supervision for suspected unauthorized access to computer equipment.

Last week a series of evidence was sent to the UK Penal Criminal Service to determine whether to pursue, but the Wiltshire police said in a statement.

However, the police said "there was no evidence suggesting a rupture in the morgue," instant Internet users refrain from sharing the image of the body, which "aggravates the misery of the family and friends. " Emiliano ".

Transferred to Cardiff City FC, Hall, 28, had come to greet his former partner at the Nantes club before flying to Wales on January 21, the same day of his death after the collision of his private plane .

His body was found in the remains of the aircraft two weeks later, while that of his pilot, David Ibbotson, has not yet been found.

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