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Does Anthony Alcaraz (10 perfect couples 4) have a relationship again since he broke up with Kellyn (LPDLA8)? We know more

To find out if Anthony Alcaraz has had a relationship since his breakup with Kellyn, he’s already here!

While Bryan is accused of lying about Soraya’s pregnancy and Cloé Cooper reacts by attacking him, we now know if Anthony Alcaraz is having a relationship again. As a reminder, the candidate has been part of the world of television reality for over 4 years. It was in 2017, the Angels 9 that the young man was revealed. He later participated in it Princes and princesses of love 2 i 3, a Moundir and the adventurous apprentices 4, to the Marseillais against the rest of the world 4 and lately a 10 perfect pairs 4. In addition to his love affair with Cynthia Khalifeh, Anthony Alcaraz is famous for having maintained a relationship with Kellyn, but unfortunately their romance did not last. Since this breakup, is the reality TV candidate back to being a couple? Or is he still single?

Anthony Alcaraz is still single
Anthony Alcaraz is still single – Credits:

During a question-and-answer session with your Instagram community, the blogger revealed the sentimental status of Anthony Alcaraz. As can be seen in the photo above, the candidate of 10 perfect pairs 4 it is currently still a heart to take. It remains to be seen if the young man will try to find love in one of the romantic programs of French reality television. While you wait for more information, you know that in episode 31 of Princes and Princesses of Love 4, Mujdat and Marvin Anthony collide on Milla Jasmine and Bastien leaves the adventure with Kellyn.

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